In spite of 2020’s challenges—and maybe, partly, because of them—CFOs are optimistic about
the future. That’s one of the surprising conclusions drawn from recent research into the use of
technology in finance departments.

The survey, conducted by CFO Research in partnership with AppZen, engaged with over
200 CFOs, senior finance executives, and CEOs about how they are using automation to meet
finance objectives, the benefits they perceive, and where they might find success in future
adoptions. The findings show glaring levels of inequality in the technology used and the
benefits gained, as well as some interesting insights about the adoption of technologies such as
automation and artificial intelligence.

In this report you’ll learn about:
• The dynamic landscape that is technology adoption within the finance department
• How optimism is being fueled by technology investment
• Which finance functions are successfully moving from manual to automated
• Key trends and insights that will influence the technology-savvy CFO in 2021 and beyond

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