After the economically difficult phases of the corona lockdowns, the signs in many sectors are now pointing to an upswing and economic recovery, coupled with high pressure to innovate. The pandemic has triggered a real digitalization push in many companies. Innovative digital solutions support the diversification of the previous distribution channels. While the investments sometimes only pay off in the medium to long term, the costs and personnel expenses are incurring today already. From this point of view, it is a real challenge for many companies to digitize and thus also to finance themselves in an up-to-date manner.

In this challenging environment, the well-known receivables financing instrument of factoring is gaining new momentum. Factoring reduces short-term liabilities and is therefore an important instrument of working capital management. Innovative, digital ecosystems such as platforms or digital marketplaces simplify access to factoring for companies, improve the process associated with the financing instrument and also increase its attractiveness.

The study “Factoring for the new era” is based on an online survey of 140 CFOs, treasurers, and other financial decision-makers. The content of the study is dedicated to the opportunities and implementation of factoring in the context of receivables finance. A particular focus is on the digitalization of factoring and financing platforms.

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