Historically, FP&A has been viewed as a back-office function. A provider of historical data, it was often regarded as the “scorekeeper,” focused on producing routine management reports with limited forward-looking capability.

Now, many FP&A leaders are regarded as trusted advisers for both strategic and operational decisions. How empowered are FP&A leaders to support CFOs who now have more strategic, customer-facing, disruptive roles?

The FP&A Empowerment: The Evolution of Technology & Trends survey was designed to address this very question by engaging FP&A leaders from across the globe to share their experiences and insights in the following areas:

  • The maturity of their analytics solutions
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of their planning processes
  • How companies are leveraging technology
  • Internal perceptions relative to the value of FP&A

The survey results, which convey the experiences of over three hundred FP&A leaders across the globe, offer seven insights that help define the evolution of FP&A.

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