The pandemic has accelerated the trend for the Finance Director to become more of a strategic adviser, assuming much of what used to be the Chief Operating Officer role. However, to do that they need to summon up accurate, real-time financial data kept in the Cloud to inform their decision making and guide their strategies.

Leading finance journalist and author Tim Adler (in partnership with Advanced) has written a whitepaper discussing the wide impact Covid-19 is having on the role of finance leaders. Many of the barriers and much of the resistance to digital transformation have been swept away in the last year. In the latest Trends Survey Report from Advanced, more than three quarters of business leaders said one of the legacies of Covid-19 will be to shift their organisation to a digital-first mindset.

The increasingly agile ways of working can empower Finance Directors and their teams. Tim also takes a look at how recent events are creating deeper and more geographically diverse talent pools for finance departments in the UK to draw on.

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