The untapped potential for the CFO

Digitization is no longer unexplored territory for businesses and finance leaders.

It has been on the agenda of businesses for quite some time, but it only saw a major push in the past couple of years. Experience shows: While everyone knows about the benefits of digitization, there still is huge potential to leverage them.

The increase of remote work moved digitization to the center stage for many. And it is no longer just an IT topic. Digitization has become a responsibility also of the CFO. In a 2021 survey by McKinsey, the number of finance leaders who stated that they are responsible for their companies’ digital activities has more than tripled to 31% in the past five years.

Looks like digitization is here to stay. But is it the cure for all the pain points of a CFO? And what do CFOs need to do to digitize their office?

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