Liquidity is at record levels as companies do more to access funds trapped in their supply chain and operations.

Did your cash conversion cycle improve in 2017? Or, are you limiting your liquidity to traditional sources of capital such as debt AND financing your suppliers’ ability to offer much more attractive terms to your competition?

Whatever the case, this white paper gives an overview of things to consider when evaluating potential sources of capital, including the benefits of adding supply chain finance as an option to fuel working capital improvement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Traditional sources of capital vs. reverse factoring, at a glance
  • What you should be looking for when evaluating potential supply chain finance providers.
  • What the benefits are and why reverse factoring is attractive to suppliers
  • How technology is making it feasible for more companies to unlock value using reverse factoring
  • How a company paid off significant amounts of debt and how another one funded a £230+ million innovation initiative

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