Attend our virtual masterclass on May 19th from 1 – 2pm. Join our expert speakers to discuss how although the full scale of the global economic and financial ramifications of ongoing challenges in business are always difficult to predict, it is clear that businesses around the world face unprecedented pressures from which many will not recover.

As businesses are always working tirelessly to protect employees, minimise risk exposure and manage supply chain disruptions; getting an immediate handle on cash flow, liquidity and operations will be the key differentiators in both business survival and speed of recovery.

The Importance of Visibility:  

In times of uncertainty, gaining real-time and actionable visibility of actual (vs forecasted) cash flow and working capital has never been more important.

Understanding and unleashing the possibilities of exponential technologies such as AI, machine learning, robotics and big data will determine failure or success. As the Finance function begins to benefit from broader business digital transformation, although many FTSE 250 companies still find themselves at the start of their journey; heads of finance have a unique opportunity to take a central role in business transformation and ensure their businesses have the skills, tools and expertise required to predict and adapt to the changes ahead and gain the competitive edge.

Finance in a New Decade:

For Finance, 2020 marks the start of a new decade where the proactive leaders will be at the helm, navigating their businesses safely through the storm. As businesses around the world have never been under more pressure to achieve more for less and at an unprecedented speed, heads of finance find themselves in a sudden opportunity to take the helm and drive the organisational changes required to survive and thrive in the new world.

Through exceptional leadership, commercial acumen and by finding the balance between the precision of data and global strategy: the seasoned head of finance will identify new areas of value and deliver the competitive advantage.

To this end, in partnership with Oracle, Financial Director will provide a bespoke masterclass and vital lifeline to provide timely knowledge exchange for senior heads of finance to directly engage and learn from each other as they work to develop and implement their response strategies.

Register here to attend this complimentary virtual event.

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