Attend our virtual workshop on May 5th from 1 – 2pm where we’ll be joined by 20 CFOs, Heads of Finance and Finance Directors to discuss how to lead their companies through times of change and how to prepare for the future. Apply for your free place below (attendance at this workshop is for senior finance professionals from companies with over 1000 employees).

CFOs are increasingly expected to lead from the front with the responsibility of navigating business into the future in a world that is constantly and irrevocably changing. Protecting their employees and bottom line comes first, but adapting supply chains and operating models will also be critical, and the CFO always needs to act swiftly to help navigate through constant challenges.

This 1 hour workshop, in partnership with Oracle, will give you the opportunity to collaboratively build a strategy to tackle the following priorities:

  • Guarding the bottom line for each company, priorities will be different, but it is vital to understand costs and identify where economies can be made without compromising core business
  • Management of people and re-balancing of the organisation’s focus – when the CFO is considering cost reductions, they need to work in concert with their counterparts in HR to integrate financial and workforce planning to help ensure that not only are staff supported, but also determining what skills and capabilities are required for the future organisation’s success in terms of driving up productivity and use of different models of employment
  • Establishing agility – building a sustainable finance strategy that provides resilience in the face of ongoing disruption, potential challenges  and a changing regulatory environment is crucial, and therefore so is the review of operational systems and processes to determine where greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing pressures can be established – particularly in relation to the supply chain

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one another and benefit from the guidance of our experts – register below to apply for your invite:

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