Cash forecasting is an art that is difficult to perfect. Every organization talks about forecasting more effectively, but few allocate sufficient people, time, and technology to build an effective program. Understanding the importance of an accurate cash forecast that can be relied upon for key financial decisions is critical to making the right investments in forecasting. If you deal with stakeholders, foreign exchange, or Basel III, forecasting is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

But given the time pressure and constant workload of CFOs and treasurers, how can you identify the most important elements of forecasting quickly and efficiently and justify them to stakeholders? Kyriba has the answer. With their new quick referencing guide, you can access a wealth of comprehensive yet concise insights into the justifications for forecasting, the perils of not doing so, and the best practices for ensuring success. This can be distributed to your team or to newcomers, and used to show the importance of forecasting in the wider business, maximising your chances for success – download today.

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