The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of data analytics and scenario planning, with businesses increasingly looking to leverage planning & analytics tools to pick up the pieces of the pandemic and power forward.

Only one in three enterprises have access to sufficient recovery funding and less than half had a business continuity plan when the pandemic hit – with 54 percent having no insurance coverage to protect against losses. In the UK alone, the Bank of England estimates corporates are facing an aggregate cash flow deficit of around £140bn.

All this paints a bleak picture for those tasked with trying to help their respective organisations meet sky-high deficits and return to growth. Balance sheets have been forced to endure 12 months of rapid change and it is now trickier than ever to carry out effective enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting. That’s where planning & analytics tools come in. Read this buyers guide to find out what to look for and how to maximise returns from your planning & analytics solutions.

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