26 November 2020 – 10-11am GMT

Often large, enterprise wide technology projects can be seen as an obstacle to overcome, this is even more true when the project is driven by end-of-life software. However, such changes should be embraced and leveraged to increase efficiencies, drive commercial benefits and bring improvements that can be seen across the entire finance function and even business wide. It is vital for the CFO to embrace the opportunities and reform that can be driven through successful ERP migration and seize the opportunities that are unlikely to be presented again. During this round table, discussion will include:

  • Increasing momentum by transition enterprise resource planning and the significant opportunity to increase efficiencies and achieve a broad range of commercial benefits
  • The strategic role of the tax department, and how to transform this function with the right technology stack to improve business agility and real-time reporting
  • Understanding the importance of removing manual processes that can cause issues with compliance and increase business risk
  • How to tackle and fix legacy issues and ensure they are not carried forward in the business

This is an invite only roundtable style discussion, where guests will become active participants in the discussion and benefit from the curated conversation where all guests reflect together on the presented challenges.


This complimentary session is part of the CFO Virtual Agenda.
This roundtable only has capacity for a limited number of participants, to register your interest in attending please fill in the form below.

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