It’s widely known that finance leaders are often starved for time. In addition to ensuring that routine accounting tasks are done accurately, and that period-end reporting is completed on time, finance leaders are also expected to spend more time driving the business.

How much time are you able to spend focusing on business growth? According to the CFO Evolution Survey Report published by Armanino LLP, CFOs spend just 25% of their time focusing on strategic initiatives and business growth. Their goal, however, is to spend 50% of their time focusing on growth.

If you can create the time to be more strategic, you’ll be able to be more involved in making important decisions. Decisions that can have a big impact and change the trajectory of your business.

So how can a leader make better decisions? A data-driven finance leader needs the right balance of both intuition and data. Data tells you where to look and what questions to ask, while your intuition (based on your experience) helps you address the ‘why’.

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