Roles and their associated responsibilities naturally evolve over time, and the position of CFO is no exception.

This evolution means finance leaders have moved on from just being holders of the purse strings and keepers of historical records. They are now future-focused strategists, and advisors capable of providing guidance and commercial insights where their businesses need them most.

Our profession has moved from a sole reliance on historical data, to the utilisation of real-time analysis, and predictive modelling and forecasting—that helps businesses see around corners, rather than looking in the rear-view mirror. And as the world around us continues to change, the onus on organisations to show leadership has never been more prevalent. Technological prowess combined with human ingenuity will enable CFOs to influence company strategy and build deep resilience.

We’ve seen time and again that it’s the organisations with access to the right digital tools— and the skills to glean valuable insights from data—that are most successful. As our profession undergoes its own digital transformation, we must ensure we have the right talent and the right technology to deliver success.

The Redefined CFO contains the findings from a survey of 1900 finance leaders (500 respondents from the UK). Download your complimentary copy below.

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