Can finance leaders be the resurgent drivers for transformation? This exclusive new report from Board explores the answer.

As with so many aspects of business, the role of the finance function is changing as digital transformation permeates the entire organisation. Companies as a whole want to move faster, make more accurate decisions and see quicker returns in order to compete with agile competitors for evermore discerning customers.

For finance, that demands a shift from scorekeeper to performance driver, aligning finance with operations, not to cut costs, but to identify efficiencies to reduce resource wastage (including the time it takes for ideas to become actions). More than 1/3 of finance leaders believe this transformation is vital, as the below research investigates.

This also means a mindset change. Last year, finance leaders were focused on reducing operating costs. While that dynamic still remains, this research shows how transformation is very much on the agenda. Uncertainty is here to stay – simply waiting and seeing what might happen is a recipe for stalling, if not outright disaster. Those businesses that want to grow and capitalise on reopening markets need to accelerate their own internal changes.

And the finance leader needs to be at the head of this transformation, driving change and innovation in order to help the function to survive. To discover how you could take up this role and move your organisation into the future, download this cutting-edge report today.

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