The Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study provides a wealth of information and analysis—offering value to both consumers and producers of business intelligence technology and services.

Using their trademark 36-criteria vendor performance measurement system, the research provides key insights into BI software supplier performance, enabling:

  • Comparisons of current vendor performance to industry norms
  • The identification and selection of new vendors

The criteria for the various industry and vendor rankings are grouped into seven categories including:

  • Sales/acquisition experience (such as professionalism, product knowledge, understanding needs, follow-up after sale, etc.)
  • Value for price paid, quality and usefulness of product (e.g. robustness/sophistication of technology, completeness of functionality, scalability, usability, integration with third-party technologies, etc.)
  • Quality of technical support (e.g. responsiveness, time to resolve problems, etc.)
  • Quality and value of consulting, integrity, and whether the vendor is recommended

Organizations of different sizes show similar capabilities in their ability to act on insight coming from data. Among those able to execute “closed loop” information sharing, small organizations are somewhat more able to succeed all or some of the time compared to larger peers. Performance continues to deteriorate faster at larger organizations as the ability to act on insight is often “uncoordinated” and “underleveraged.”

In 2018 (and historically), Dresner team finds that organizations that are successful with business intelligence generally have fewer tools in use, an outcome they associate with strategic intent and engaged leadership.

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