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The Bank of England is forecasting a 14% contraction in the economy, and at least 12 months before the “new normal” really is normal. We are anticipating further volatility with uncertain customer demand patterns, fierce competition in supply chains, international protectionism, and a great pricing reset. How do you take advantage, or at least avoid becoming a victim?

Finance, Procurement, and Suppliers will all be central to business success over the next year in terms of managing cost, driving growth, and maintaining a level of flexibility and resilience. In this session, we will discuss what and how we can work together.

We will hear from Ian Durant, Chairman of bakery chain Greggs (Ian is also former chair of the ICAEW Governance Committee). He will give an overview of the crisis, the key challenges faced, and some of the positives to emerge. We will then debate and discuss:

  • How will we face up to the volatility facing us and this great pricing reset?
  • What are some of the key learnings (good and bad) to emerge?
  • How should finance and procurement partner moving forward?

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