5 November 2020 – 2-3pm BST

Digitalisation will change your market, business, skills requirements, and customer engagement regardless of whether you, your team and your business are ready for those changes or not. Those who do not adapt will get left behind.

Join this workshop to explore how you can take full advantage of the technological tools available to create a lean and agile Finance function that can anticipate and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Breakout discussions will provide a forum to share insights into long-term strategies for increased business flexibility and resilience, and the role that digitalisation will play in facilitating these changes. Discussions will include:

  • Group 1 – How has finance digitisation helped you to remain agile in recent months?
  • Group 2 – What gaps have you uncovered in your processes and systems that need to be addressed within the next 6 months?
  • Group 3 – How has the recent disruption impacted your thinking around, and prioritisation of digital transformation?

This session is part of the CFO Virtual Agenda.
The workshop only has capacity for a limited number of participants, to register your interest in attending please fill in the form below.

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